CSA Week 11

This Week’s Harvest

Salad Mix

Dragon Tongue Beans OR Green Beans


Sweet Italian and Bell peppers

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes

Juliet Tomatoes (roma/grape cross)

Striped German Tomato



Sweet Corn

Flat leaf parsley



Candy onions

Okra (This crop continues to make its rounds. This week it is going in home delivery boxes)

Cantaloupe (This crop continues to make its rounds. This week it is going in Oregon District and Kettering West boxes)

Farm News

We started Mile Creek Farm in 2007 and had our first child in 2008. We joke that the only thing crazier than starting a farm is starting a farm and a family at the same time. As we continue into August, still in the thick of our busy season, I’ve been reflecting on the farm family. With the pressure that both the demands of the farm and being a present parent bring, sometimes I can’t help but think I am mediocre at both. I get tugged in both directions–getting called by the kids to play while gigantic ragweed sways in the wind and swallows the peppers.

Earlier this week as the sun was setting, I realized I needed to harvest the ripe cantaloupe. I dragged the kids out and they were very copacetic at first. But then I remembered I hadn’t yet harvested jalapeños for market. So I started in on that as the sun continued to slip away. By this time the kids were becoming irritable and tired. They wanted to go visit a wet area of the farm that sometimes has frogs–but refused to go alone, even though it was only 50 feet away. In the end, Ben came out too. The kids saw a shadow of a frog hopping away, I had a bucket of jalapenos, and we all took the bumpy truck ride back into the house. . . .and then Ben and I had dinner at 10:30pm.  But I know I am far from alone in this work and parenting balancing act. It’s a struggle for lots of families and we are all doing the best we can, finding the right balance, and learning to go with the flow. Here are some pictures over the years of us trying to get work done with kids in tow.


Green bean, tomato and sweet corn salad

Green Bean, kohlrabi and celery stir fry

Tomato pie with parsley


9 months pregnant and harvesting turnip bunches
harvesting winter spinach
last farmer’s market of the season with baby in tow
digging trenches along side ben
Evan helps with the pumpkin harvest when he was 3.
Evan helps gather up the salad turnips
Just plain old muddy
helping us gather up flats after a long day of planting.
months old Evan plays bucket drums while I bag snap peas