CSA Week 12

This Week’s Harvest


Sungold Cherry and Juliet tomatoes

Bell Peppers and Italian Sweet Peppers




Jalapeno Peppers

Salad Mix

Summer Squash

Sweet Corn

Edamame Beans

Okra OR Tomatillos


Cantaloupe (For Oakwood, home deliveries, and Trotwood sites this week)

Farm News

It’s wet out there! We will only go into the fields to harvest during this wet spell. Somehow we managed to get a very full CSA box for you despite a full day of rain (thank you no lightening!)

We are waiting to see just how much rain this weather system brings. So far we’ve been spared the worst and haven’t gotten more than 2 inches. We are nervous because the disease pressure this year is intense and disease loves to spread in wet weather. Since it had been so dry we are surprised by the presence of disease, but think maybe the high humidity was a factor. Our 3 plantings of brassicas look so beautiful right now, but a-new- to-us disease, black rot, is present in all three plantings.  On the one hand, from what we’ve read, it can be pretty devastating to the brassica family. On the other hand, the plants look so great, I can’t imagine them melting down at this point. All we can do is continue to keep the plants healthy with a boost of compost tea and free from weeds and hope the disease doesn’t spread. We will keep you posted–and if you get kale in your box next week, it’s a good sign!



Celery, Corn and Bacon Chowder

Edamame, corn and cherry tomato salad

Very Veggie Sloppy Joes (found perusing CSA member’s blog, Farm Fresh Feasts, recipe index under “celery”. If I had time I’d link you to all the celery recipes!)

Potato enchiladas with tomatillo sauce (use jalapeños as your hot pepper)