CSA Week 12

This Week’s HarvestIMG_2834




Salad Mix


Candy Onions


Red Bell Peppers and/or sweet Italian peppers

Eggplant (Globe and Fairytale)


Chioggia Beets

Okra (not everyone- it continues to make its rounds at the various pick up locations)

IMG_2851Farm News

I like to work on the blog on Sundays (my “light” day of work during the season) but this weekend we hosted a couple dozen aspiring farmers to the farm for a tour of our equipment and systems from seeding to harvesting to washing.  It was a great turn out with people of many backgrounds in attendance. Over our 10 years of farming we have acquired a good amount of machinery and tried out lots of systems to growing great food as easily as possible. Hopefully people went home with a couple ideas they can implement on their own farms. The good people at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association do a lot to promote sustainable farming including their summer farm tour series. Our particular tour was billed as part of a beginning farmer series. It was special having budding farmers out to the farm. When Ben and I interned on farms I still remember several visits we made to other farms and the ease with which farmers would share their successes and failures. It’s a great generous community to be a part of and we’re excited to see it grow in Ohio!


Cold Beet and Celery Soup

Eggplant Ragout with Peppers, Tomatoes and Chickpeas

Lemony Kale Pasta


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