CSA Week 20

This Week’s Harvest


Cauliflower (purple or white)



Bell Peppers and/or Sweet Peppers

Red Onions

Romaine Lettuce

Green Beans

Yellow Wax Beans

French Breakfast Radishes

Scarlet Turnips




Two Bean Salad With Roasted Potatoes (A CSA member sent this to me and can vouch for it!)

20 Minute Kielbasa Potato Cabbage Skillet

Broccoli, Potato Turnip Soup

Farm News

Be careful what you wish for! Last week I hoped for rain but nearly 4 inches was more than I wanted by about 3 inches! It’s soggy out there and we have been forced out the fields. A major undertaking on the farm in fall is getting all our sweet potatoes harvested. All eleven 400ft beds! We planned on starting the task on Thursday with no idea that it would rain all day instead (despite consulting multiple weather sites multiple times of day!) Hopefully our drainage tile will do its magic and we’ll be back on track in no time! But the weather isn’t the only thing throwing wrenches in our plans. Last week Ben had to change not one, but 2 tires on the farm. And just yesterday our farm truck that helps us get hundreds of pounds of produce from the fields to the barn conked out on us. Ben is currently in the middle of diagnosing the problem….while also in the middle of several other projects! So it has been a wet busy week, but it’s really nothing new as the farm life always keeps us on our toes!



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