CSA Week 21

This Week’s Harvest

Scarlet Turnips


Romanesco OR Cauliflower OR broccoli

Purple and White Daikon Radish

Winter Squash

Head Lettuce

Broccoli Raab OR Mustard Greens


Napa Cabbage

Flat Leaf Parsley


Apple Share

Northern Spy- old fashioned variety. small, red and green streaks, tart. excellent eating and baking

Golden Delicious- golden and delicious!

Fuji- sweet, more solid red and green than the Northern Spy


Greens and Potato Gratin (make with turnip greens and broccoli raab or any other greens you may still have!)

Turnip and Potato Soup (you can use arugula, napa cabbage, or any other green in place of kale)

Spring Rolls with Napa Cabbage Wrapper (shredded daikon and kohlrabi make good fillings. These would be great with a peanut dipping sauce!

Farm News

We had CSA members out to the farm this weekend who got to see our fall production fields in action. They also saw lots of empty fields–but those where once filled with vegetables. There are several stages of field management that go into each planting. Here is a step by step look at our third and final summer squash/melon/cucumber field.

We make raised beds by using discs to mound dirt up
Tilling the beds till the sun sets
Planting day! One bed down, 11 more to go!
Keeping the pathways clean with a cultivating implement. The plastic keeps the row weed free.
Prettiest and most prolific summer squash we’ve ever grown. We harvested thousands of pounds for our CSA, market and wholesale
Followed by most squash bugs we’ve ever seen. This invasion marks the end of the planting
After mowing the plants down and lifting the plastic loose, we can use the tractor to roll the plastic up.

This field’s job is not done yet! Sometime between now and early November we’ll plant the first crop of 2018- garlic! We’ll need to reshape the beds, crack 500 lbs of garlic into individual cloves, and plant! This is one of the final major jobs of the season and it’s hard to believe planting day is right around the corner.