Why We Do What We Do



What we do is simple and easy to explain in just three words. We grow vegetables! Simple can mean inconsequential and trivial. But growing vegetables, and particularly the way we do it, couldn’t be more essential and timely. We find ourselves as a world grappling with climate change and as a nation struggling with an obesity epidemic. Organic farming is gentle on the earth. Our 30 acre farm is teaming with microbes, wildlife, and healthy soil. The fact that our vegetables stay in state (mostly traveling less than 30 miles away) produces a food system that significantly reduces its carbon footprint. Furthermore, a vegetarian diet can reduce one’s carbon footprint by half! Imagine if you increased your veggie intake and decreased your meat intake just a little bit! As if the health of our environment weren’t incentive enough, these vegetables are wonderful for our own health too, providing us with essential nutrients and vitamins!


Celebrating the life and work of Martin Luther King this weekend had me thinking of his call to action: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?” So what is Mile Creek Farm doing for others? Cultivating health!! The way we see it, organic farming is not just our answer to Martin Luther King’s “persistent and urgent question”, it is an answer to a “persistent and urgent” problem!