Reflections on the 2018 CSA Season

After finishing up our 10th year (!!!!) offering a CSA, we are pleased to announce that our 2019 CSA Season enrollment is open! For info about our program (which is, in a nut shell, food from our farm delivered to you) click here

Here’s what folks had to say about 2018:

  • “The produce quality is stunning, the selections are beautiful and varied, and pickup has been easy and reliable.”
  • “I think your CSA is wonderful! I absolutely LOVE the blog and the recipes you’ve shared.”
  • “Great quality and super delicious veggies. Ben and Emily pour their hearts into this CSA and it shows!!!!”
  • “Best experience ever. . .can’t wait for another year”

Some of the highlights for me were our organic sweet corn crop (soooo sweet with the bonus of being worm free!), trialing the best cucumber variety I’ve ever tasted (a sweet little yellow cucumber that goes by the name Salt and Pepper), finally growing enough edamame to have 2 weeks worth for our members,  introducing the “swap box” where members could swap out an item from their box for something else, a stellar sweet potato and potato crop- both taste and yield wise, and beating our CSA membership enrollment goal!

Here are 20 of the boxes that the farm produced in 2018:

For 2019 we are looking forward to building on our successes and correcting our mistakes. We are still waiting for the year that every single seed we start makes it to the harvest stage! (spoiler alert – that’s probably never going to happen) Each season brings its own set of challenges, but what you can count on for sure is a varied assortment of the most nutritious food possible! And it doesn’t hurt that our veggies taste great too!

Ready to sign up! Do so HERE

-Oh and Save 5% if you sign up by January 31 (pay in full or one of 3 installments required for discount)

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  1. Your veggies are fabulous, and I love knowing that they’re both good for us and good for the planet.

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