This Week’s Harvest

Farm News 

We continue to check things off of our fall to do list. Since our last CSA delivery we have planted the garlic, bulk harvested our fall carrots and other roots for the extended season, gotten out the row cover to protect more tender crops from the night time freezes, and washed vegetables in bulk during the warmest days. While we’ve had a few chilly wet days the past couple weeks, mostly it’s been really gorgeous! Can’t complain when you’re harvesting for the extended season in 60 degree weather! But the nights still cool way down and the sun sets sooner, both of which make me eager to turn on the oven for some home cooked meals and not miss tomatoes quite so much. We hope you feel the same!

One of the colder harvest days, working on the beets
Garlic Planting Day! We planted 3 rows in each of three 350 ft long beds
Purple top turnips get harvested surrounded by a blanket of fall colors
By covering crops with remay, we’ll protect them from freezes and extend their harvest life a couple weeks. Here we are covering salad mix, spinach, cilantro, braising mix, arugula, and head lettuce. Some of the crops are in this week’s box and others should last until week 2.
The leaves have mostly fallen now, but it felt like we had prolonged color this year!


Coming Up in 2 weeks (our best guess…) carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, spinach, head lettuce, onions, purple top turnips, watermelon radishes, arugula, garlic, butternut squash, kale, parsley, celery