This Week’s Harvest

Sweet Peppers with some fall wildflowers before the killing frost

Farm News

This week marks the end of our regular season. From our perspective as the growers it was a great year! No major farm catastrophes or crop failures! Full boxes every week! We tried a new to us cantaloupe that has the best flavor we’ve ever had so that was a highlight! It’s fun to still be learning things 15 plus years in. Only problem was we seeded it after we ran out of our usual cantaloupe seed so we didn’t actually plant that much of it. So it is something we are looking forward to growing a whole lot more of next season! 

Speaking of next season, things will be different for us as we will be missing a key crew member who’s been on the farm for the past five seasons! Nate started in 2019 and became well versed in all aspects of the farm.  He has welded implements and created a bubble washer for the salad mix, he harvested and washed the veggies week in and week out. He was one of our main tractor drivers whose tasks included operating the planter, disc, mower, bulk bins, cultivator, spreader, and more! 

Nate bunching Kale with the crew in 2019
Bringing in a bulk cabbage harvest
Putting up new plastic on the greenhouse
cultivating the edges of summer squash beds
On Nate’s last day we washed 875 pounds of potatoes

Friday was Nate’s last day and we are glad we had him to the end of the regular CSA season! It would have been basically impossible to lose him any earlier!  We had a nice farm lunch on Thursday and had 11 pies total- 7 of the pizza variety and 4 of the dessert variety! And then on Friday we said goodbye. We are grateful for Nate’s help and role on the farm during some very busy years of expansion! On a personal level, Nate is very caring. After watching Evan play catch with himself every day for a couple weeks straight, Nate showed up to work with some baseballs and a baseball net return for him. Nate has made us really cool woodwork creations including a cutting board, the farm swap box, and a Mile Creek sign. A couple summers ago when we were growing a lot of zucchini for a Wholefoods account, Nate not only convinced himself, but his partner as well, to help us harvest zucchini on his days off! Obviously it is hard to see him go but we are happy for him and the opportunity he is leaving us for- to be the caretaker at Dayton National Cemetery!  Thanks Nate and good luck!

Debbie makes not 1, not 2, but 4 desserts for our farm lunch!
Wheat Penny is our go to for Dayton pizza and farm crew lunch!


Reminder this is last box of the regular season! Sign up for extended season up until Nov 3 with first delivery week of Nov 6. For the first delivery we expect to offer salad mix, spinach, collards, watermelon radishes, carrots, potatoes, beets, scarlet turnips, bok choi, red onions, garlic, Butternut Squash, Japanese Sweet Potatoes, cilantro