This Week’s Harvest

Charity with an arm full of garlic scapes

Farm News

Just when we were thinking that watering all the crops that desperately needed water would not be possible, we had a surprise (as in it wasn’t in the forecast at all) rain shower Saturday night which left us with 1 inch of rain.

Given the week of 90 degree days that’s upon us this is great news. The crops will fair so much better with some moisture to get them through. When Ben has to set up irrigation during dry spells it takes 4 hours per day, so it is also very nice for Ben to have that time to do other things- like fix our tractor so we don’t have to hot wire it to start it anymore!

We are also set up very nicely for this rain because on Saturday Ben and I went the extra mile to lay plastic in our next round of tomato/pepper/eggplant beds as well as in our winter squash field. I left the kids and Ben’s mom to man the 2nd Street Market booth and came home to help Ben. We laid plastic in 7 solanum beds and 14 squash beds.

On the last bed we just ran out of plastic- but we just had to switch out the roll.

This is good because the plants are ready to plant this week and the beds are now ready for them as soon as it drys out some! If we hadn’t had a chance to lay the plastic before the rain we would have to wait quite a bit for it to be dry enough to do so. To have the plastic layer work properly the soil can’t be muddy/cakey at all- but we can get in with the transplanter sooner and hope to do by the end of the week!




https://www.sidechef.com/recipes/432/spinach_scallion_feta_frittata/ (other greens in the box would work as well- arugula, chard, spigerallo- even kohlrabi leaves)

Coming up next week (our best guess….) arugula, kohlrabi, scallions, cucumbers, zucchini, beets, salad mix, kale, basil