CSA Week 5

This Week’s Harvest

SAVE THE DATE! CSA Member Field Walk 7/25 evening hours TBD (rain date 7/27)

After a couple year COVID hiatus of having our customers to the farm, we are excited to bring that element of the CSA back this year! Join us as we tour the fields and see up close and personal how your food is grown! Details to follow but mark your calendars now!

Farm News

We haven’t gotten our water break yet, but we are hoping the chance of rain throughout the week will result in some accumulation! The lack of rain is exasperated by the excessive heat. We’ll run the water in the field and it’ll be ready for more the next day! We do have our solanum crops (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) and cucurbit (cucumber, squash and melon) crops on plastic mulch beds which not only help with weeds, but also help lock moisture in during these hot and dry periods. So those are the only crops actually getting enough water right now through the drip tape that lies under the mulch. We are especially wanting it to rain for our potato crop. The tubers are sizing up right now so a good dose of water would really help them get big! Other than the rain situation they look great!

The plastic mulch helps the bed retain moisture in the solanum field

We are also closely watching our bean crop. When temperatures are above 90º, the flowers will drop before they have a chance of being pollinated (this is true of peppers and tomatoes too). The first stand of green beans has looked the same for weeks! While I was out scouting crops yesterday I did see the first beans! We are hopeful that even though it is hot again, all the flowers pictured below will get pollinated. After a lack luster green bean showing in 2021 we are trying our hardest to get CSA members lots of beans this year! We have three succession plantings in so far and if everything aligns we still have time to seed more.

Can’t wait for beans!


Coming Up Next Week (our best guess……) Zucchini, Cucumbers, Fairytale Eggplant, Kale, Cabbage, Sweet Onions, Bell Peppers, Green Beans and more!