CSA Week 6

This Week’s Harvest

SAVE THE DATE! CSA Member Field Walk Monday 7/25 7pm (rain date 7/27)

Join us as we tour the fields and see up close and personal how your food is grown! We’ll gather around 7 and begin the walk at 7:30. We hope that you and your loved ones can join us!

Farm News

I’m so pleased and grateful I get to report that we got the exact amount of rain we needed last week. It rained a little on Wednesday evening which made the moisture level perfect for some tractor work that it had been too dry to do (farmers lament that the soil moisture level is only perfect for working 6 hours every year). So on Thursday we took advantage and had 3 tractors going- discing fields, hilling our fall beds, and tilling the rest of our summer beds. Then on Friday we got enough to bring the total for the week to just over an inch which meant we could take the weekend off of irrigating. Plus it wasn’t too much so we didn’t have to worry about any crops drowning out. The timing also worked out as the heavy stuff came later in day so we could get our farm tasks done in the morning. And the rain was gone by the time market started on Saturday. I like to recognize and appreciate when the weather does cooperate and work out perfectly! It helps for the times when it doesn’t!

Sweet potatoes will take off after hand weeding and rain last week
Nate discs
Audrey tills beds for planting
Ben hills beds


Coming Up Next Week (our best guess….) Eggplant, Kohlrabi, Shishito Peppers, Sweet Corn, Sweet Onions, Caraflex cabbage, zucchini and more!