CSA Week 22

This Week’s Harvest

Farm News

Those of you new to our farm may not know that we have a wholesale component to the farm through Great River Organics, a co-op comprised of ourselves and 2 other Ohio organic farms. In the past we have sold to Whole Foods throughout Ohio, each farm bringing different vegetables to our product list. This year we were looking for a change of pace from the biweekly deliveries all season long and decided instead to sell to one client- Cincinnati Public Schools- during one season- fall. This fall our farm’s vegetables will be included in kids’ lunches. Each week for the past month we’ve sent 3,000 plus pounds of a single vegetable. We’ve delivered fennel, salad turnips and daikon radishes so far. CPS is looking for vegetables that can be cut and eaten raw to streamline the lunch menu and kitchen prep. For us there is also streamlining gained. There is increased efficiency in harvesting and processing one crop, so we are liking this wholesale model more than the fairly diverse Whole Foods orders we did in past years.

Bulk harvesting fennel. We lop the greens off and place the bulbs on the conveyor
Harvesting radishes – first we pull and top the plants and put into harvest crates.
Then we dump the harvest crates into a bulk bin. About 25 yellow crates fill a bulk bin.
The radishes get washed through a brush washer then rinse conveyer and land on the sorting table. We bag into 25 pound bags.
One of 3 pallets of radishes that went out today.


Mustard Green and Cheddar Pizza

Grilled Sweet potato and Napa

Napa Salad with Peanut Dressing

Roasted Beet Wheatberry salad (I would serve on top of roasted sweet potato or butternut squash)

Coming Up Next Week (our best guess….) Butternut squash, Japanese Sweet Potatoes, Kale, Brussels sprouts, Turnips, Carrots, Dill, Potatoes, Arugula, Onions, Garlic