CSA Week Two

In this Week’s Box
Head lettuce
Salad mix
Rainbow kale
Sugar snap peas OR snow peas
Garlic Scapes
Strawberries (grown chemical free by our neighbor)
Potted Herb (choose between thyme, sage, savory, oregano, mint and basil)

Fruit Share
Strawberries grown chemical free by Kenton Filbrun in Preble County (He also happens to manage the rest of our acreage which is certified organic so he knows about growing things organically!)

Our 1 1/2 year old, Isla, loves stroller rides so

she and I walked the fields earlier this week to check and see how everything is growing. We will open up the farm to CSA members for a field walk a little later in the season, but for now you can enjoy this photo tour. The crops are doing very well. Here is the sea of snow and snap peas that we just started to harvest off of. Next week you should get a lot more of these early summer treats!

image imageimage


Other crops that are just around the corner are broccoli and zucchini and summer squash.


And for the first time ever we have early season cabbage! We always start cabbage in the greenhouse in the spring but for various reasons it never seems to get in the ground so we have to wait until our fall planting of cabbage. Not so this year! AND it looks great!
The potato plants look healthy and are starting to flower. This year we imageimageare trying several varieties including purple and red.
The tomatoes are progressing well. We have all the tomato stakes in the ground and have the first row of baling twine up to keep the plants off the ground. We have to add layers of twine as the plants grow. It is already time for round 2! Of course the fields have to dry out first!

This week’s recipes

Kale and scallion fried rice (use a couple garlic scapes instead of the garlic cloves)

Strawberry Salad with Grilled Chicken

Strawberry Shortcake

Kale Dip with veggies (use a couple garlic scales instead of the clove)

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  1. My mouth literally watered when I opened my first week box. Have i not eaten fruits or vegetables since 2012? Feels like it.
    Yay to a big box of good food!

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