CSA Week 6

This Week’s Harvest

Farm News

This week’s box is a perfect combo of spring and summer crops. It contains the last round of head lettuce until fall. It also continues our spring greens run with chard but the greens category will soon be limited to just kale and then none at all until late summer. This box also welcomes the firsts of summer crops with cucumbers and jalapeños. This means bell peppers, eggplant, sweet corn and tomatoes aren’t far behind.

The farm day to day is also a combo of spring and summer tasks. We are still planting weekly. This week we have another round of salad, basil, melons, and sweet corn to plant. And greenhouse production continues as well with fall crops getting seeded last week and this. And we are adding new summer tasks like maintaining the crops to the to-do list. The sweet potatoes got some TLC as we both mechanically cultivated and hand weeded the patch. The first round of tomatoes now have 4 rows of ties holding them up. I put up scare balloons in the sweet corn patch to hopefully keep the birds off the ears. We’ve pulled the protective row cover off of the winter squash. We are mowing down old crops, which is a good thing to stay on top of so any weeds that also grew get mowed before they go to seed. In with the new, out with old, all the while getting lots done every day. The rhythm of the farm is a comfortable one for us, but it is still hard to believe it’s already July!

Cultivating Sweet potatoes front view

Cultivating sweet potatoes, back view
Winter squash gets uncovered. This year we are growing butternut, honeynut, and spaghetti squash
spotted! first sungold of the season!


Coming Up Next Week (our best guess…..) Cucumbers, fairytale eggplant, kale, sweet onions, salad mix, beets, and more!