CSA Week 18

Tendersweet Cabbage
Bok Choi
Salad Mix
Dragon Tongue Beans
Green Beans
Beauty Heart Radish
Sweet onions (not grown by us, see food notes)


Food notes:
The sweet onions this week come from our neighbor, friend, and veteran farmer, Stephen Cook. He had a bumper crop of sweet onions and didn’t want them to go to waste. Unlike the onions you have been getting from us for several weeks now, sweet onions are not storage onions, so refrigerate and use soon. Stephen grows using organic methods.

Farm notes:
This week Ben started the process of harvesting all our sweet potatoes. While this photo is from last year, the crop this year is looking similarly good.

In fact it is looking even better then last year because we haven’t come across near as much mouse damage as there was last year! It seems our cats are earning their keep. Or perhaps it is the other neighborhood cats that often appear on our property. Or maybe it was the screech owl we heard last night. Whatever the reason, we are glad to not have so many culls. You’ll get to eat these wonderful sweet potatoes in the final 2 weeks of the CSA season. But for now there are several other veggies to enjoy!


Broccoli and scallion Mac ‘n cheese

Gingery salmon with bok choi and green beans

Cabbage rolls

Cabbage and radish slaw

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