CSA Week 19

Easter egg radishes
Butternut squash
Sweet potatoes
Chiogga beets
Fennel Bulb
Mustard greens
Sweet onions, not grown by us (As mentioned in last week’s post these come from our neighbor and friend Stephen Cook)
Green beans
French Filet beans or Dragon Tongue beans

Fruit Share:
Apples from Downing Fruit Farm in Darke County
Melrose (darker red/green apples)
Jonagold (lighter red/green apples)
Golden Delicious (green apples)

Since last Thursday we have gotten 5 inches of rain. That’s more rain than we got during all of August and September! We had planned to finish up digging sweet potatoes, but that plan went out the window when the first thunderstorm rolled through on Thursday. Sweet potatoes don’t like cold weather so we were looking to get them out before the temperatures got down into the 30s. Fortunately even though it got cold on Monday and Tuesday, the sweet potatoes seem fine and it will just be a little muddy digging them out of the ground!

Elsewhere on the farm we had hoped to harvest salad mix with arugula for the boxes this week, but it turned out that the arugula was in a low spot in the field and on Monday morning the area was really an arugula pond instead of an arugula patch. Furthermore harvesting salad mix when the field are as muddy as they were on Monday is extremely time consuming and since muddy field conditions make harvesting everything less efficient we were barely able to get everything else harvested and washed.

In reality though the change in weather was welcome. We were scrambling to try to find warm clothes instead of filling out water bottles with ice. And when we harvest for next week’s box the fields will have dried up nicely.

Beet, sweet potato and fennel salad

Mustard Green and Sweet Potato Curry

Roasted Butternut Squash, Fennel and Beets (Chiogga Beets would work just fine)

Broccoli and Radish Salad (add apple!)